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Hiroshima City, two months after the atomic bombing, as photographed and recorded by photographer Shunkichi KIKUCHI

Hiroshima in October,1945, two months after the atomic bombing. Amidst the ashes and rubble, people have begun to try to put their lives back together, but they gradually become aware of yet another tragic and frightening truth.

Shortly after the bombing, the Ministry of Education organized the "The Hiroshima Suevey Team of the Special Commitee for the Investigation of A-bomb Damages of the National Reseach Council of Japan" and commissioned the Nippon Eiga Sha, a Japanese film company, to act as the documentary film division of the survey, and to document conditions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Shunkichi Kikuchi belonged to the group of the documentary film division responsible for recording medical matters, and served to 22 october 1945, In the course of the next 50 years, the silver gelatine film gradually deteriorated. In order to preserve these important historical records, the photographs were digitalized. We have taken this as an oppotunity to select 290 of the original 800 photographs and display them here. It is a nuclear disarmament photo gallery.

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Location of HIROSHIMA city

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